Byzantium and the Viking World

In February, Uppsala University was proud to host a book release for the publication of Byzantium and the Viking World (eds. Fedir Androschuk, Jonathan Shepard and Monica White), the outcome of a fruitful cooperation that some of our readers may recall from a report earlier published on our old website.

The book launch took place at the Museum Gustavianum. Monica White gave a talk entitled ‘The View North from Constantinople’ and Neil Price talked about ‘Looking out at the Viking World: The View from Scandinavia’, after which Jonathan Shepard presented the new book, followed by a reception.

We are happy that the memory of Byzantium remains venerated in Northern Europe still a millennium after the Varangian heydays and warmly recommend this example of outstanding scholarship to our readers. The book can be purchased from the homepage of Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis.

BVW launch 1

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