Summer School of Byzantine Studies, Thessaloniki

As we already noted in a post a year ago, the annual Summer School of Byzantine Studies has been haunted by financial problems. After careful consideration, prof. Paolo Odorico has decided to arrange a somewhat shortened summer school of 10 days this year, on the topic of Religion d’Etat, religion pour l’Etat.

Due to the complete lack of financing ability on the Greek side, and the current dramatic economic situation of the country, the school will not be able to ensure scholarships to finance the students’ participation (Master’s degree, doctorate or post-doc). Estimated expenses of participation – accommodation in a good hotel and a dinner per day, as well as participation in the courses – would amount to approximately 45 € a day.

In order for the Summer School to take place, it is necessary to ensure the participation of at least twenty five to thirty students. Master’s level students – or students that will attend a Master’s course next academic year – PhD students and post-docs who are interested in attending the courses by their own means or with funding from your Universities should contact Paolo Odorico as soon as possible on He will proceed with the organization if he receives desirable requests for participation within this week.

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