Byzantine News

From now on, the AIEB will communicate through a newsletter called “Byzantine News”. Its aim is to facilitate information exchange among Byzantine scholars worldwide and function as an information hub, i.e. by receiving and distributing news and information about activities and events that may be of interest to Byzantine scholars throughout the world. In particular, it seeks to collect and distribute calls for papers; announcements of forthcoming congresses, conferences and similar events (presentations of volumes, seminars, public lectures, etc.); and news about exhibitions and museum events. A special section entitled “Opportunities” lists job postings, scholarships, and other funding opportunities for scholars at all levels, junior through senior. The Newsletter is published by the AIEB, and collection and distribution of information is carried out by an editorial team approved by the Bureau of the AIEB and on its behalf. They welcome submissions from National Committees of Byzantine Studies, universities, scholarly and research institutions, museums, libraries, galleries, as well as individual scholars at any stages of their careers and members of the general public interested in scholarly research on Byzantium and its heritage. The editorial team of the Newsletter reserves the right to choose what to publish, particularly when submissions are deemed or may be deemed to contravene the Mission Statement of the Newsletter. The Newsletter does not publish announcements of recent publications.

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