New issue of Scandinavian Journal of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies

In volume 3 (2017), the editor Vassilios Sabatakakis is happy to welcome a guest-editor, Dr AnnaLinden Weller, who has edited five articles from a conference that she organized at Uppsala University in 2016 within the frame of the ‘Text and Narrative in Byzantium’ research network (2015-2017). The articles are written by Baukje van den Berg, Stanislas Kuttner-Homs, Markéta Kulhánková, Jonas J. H. Christensen and Jakov Đorđević, provided with an introduction by AnnaLinden Weller. In addition, the journal includes two more articles: one by David Konstan, based on his 2016 lecture in memory of Professor Lennart Rydén, and one by Adam Goldwyn. Two reviews of recent books by Claudia Rapp and Olof Heilo are also included. Available open access online:

If you would like printed copies of this or previous volumes for your library, please contact the editor.

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