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Þrír Vegir í Miklagarð (part three)

Wulf: A Displaced Anglo-Saxon, c. 1090 It had been the better part of a lifetime since the Conquest, and Wulf was resolved to stay and settle in his adoptive city. His loyalty to his former liege lords had been remote … Continue reading

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Þrír Vegir í Miklagarð (part one)

Halfdan: A Swedish Varangian via Kievan Rus, c. 990 Halfdan was not the first Halfdan to come to Miklagard. This he discovered shortly after his arrival from Kiev with Prince Vladimir’s other Rus. On especially important days, the life-guard accompanied … Continue reading

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Farväl till nygrekiska studier i Köpenhamn

Nygrekiska studier vid Köpenhamns universitet lägger ned – en beklagansvärd utveckling som man kunnat ana sig till av tidigare inlägg på vår blogg – och tar farväl med en workshop, inklusive fyra evenemang som är öppna för allmänheten: http://ccrs.ku.dk/calendar/2016/greek-history-in-greek-fiction/ http://ccrs.ku.dk/calendar/2016/greek-crisis/ http://ccrs.ku.dk/calendar/2016/photography-and-humanitarianism/Continue reading

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Networks of Learning

A new volume in the German series Byzantinische Studien und Texte and edited by Sita Steckel, Niels Gaul and Michael Grünbart puts focus on Medieval scholarly networks across the Graeco-Latin divide: http://www.lit-verlag.de/isbn/3-643-90457-7 Ingela Nilsson has reviewed the book for the German online journal … Continue reading

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