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Interview: Annalinden Weller

The two-year postdoc in Text and Narrative in Byzantium at Uppsala University is over, and Annalinden Weller is leaving Sweden after two productive years that were concluded with a conference on Reception Histories of the Future in August 2017. As … Continue reading

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Summer Sequel: Three Roads to Miklagård

Brigid Ehrmantraut from Princeton University has been generous to offer her recent essay on Scandinavian mercenaries in Constantinople as a reading feuilleton for the Nordic Byzantine Network. Before we do so, we are happy to have Brigid’s attention for a few … Continue reading

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Reading and Pleasure in Istanbul

The Summer school “Reading Pleasure – Pleasure Reading: Medieval Approaches to Reading” took place at the Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul, 23-28 May, and was organized by Christian Høgel and Ingela Nilsson. This was a professionally rewarding experience for all … Continue reading

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Kurs vid Newmaninstitutet i Uppsala

Newmaninstitutet i Uppsala ger kursen Ortodoxa ikoner i modern litteratur (7,5 hp) senare delen av höstterminen 2016 (7/11 2016 – 13/1 2017). Den går på halvdistans med undervisning i Uppsala två heldagar, 23/11 och 14/12. Den planeras också gå lokalt i Uppsala … Continue reading

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Chronicles as Literature at the Crossroad of Past and Present

In the last days of April, Munich was the venue for a conference devoted to Byzantine historiography, and more specifically to ways of writing it and ways of reading it. The city of Karl Krumbacher, whose portrait the participants had the opportunity to … Continue reading

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Allt ljus på Psellos

Tyska ARD gör lite oväntat reklam för en bysantinsk författare. Litteraturkritikern Denis Scheck har läst Psellos (i den som alltid rekommenderliga tyska Tusculum-utgåvan) och fascinerats av den konstantinopolitanske hovmannens berättarkonst: http://www.ardmediathek.de/tv/Druckfrisch/Denis-Scheck-empfiehlt-Michael-Psellos/Das-Erste/Video?documentId=28977452&bcastId=339944 En glädjande nyhet inte minst med tanke på det nya projektet i … Continue reading

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New postdoc at Uppsala University

Uppsala is happy to welcome Annalinden Weller as participant in and coordinator of the collaborative research network Text and narrative in Byzantium (Texte et récit à Byzance). For more info, see http://www.grekiska.net/byzantine-narrative Annalinden will work on methods of preserving and negotiating Byzantine culture, power, … Continue reading

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